Kanye West #PFW

I am hearing so many different opinions on Kanye West’s Dw collection shown in Paris a couple of days ago.  Kanye has done nothing to disappoint me thus far and this collection is no exception.  I do think many of his pieces did look very Givenchy-esque, but what do you expect when Riccardo Tisci has spent so much time mentoring Kanye?  Music and fashion are two completely different worlds and I do believe that once Kanye becomes as confident in the fashion industry as he is with his music, he’ll be able to really present a collection that represents him more thoroughly.
“Ni**as In Paris” is an understatement for what Kanye West created Tuesday night.  Of all the amazing guests who came out to the show including Diddy, Shyne, Swizzy, Big Sean etc… My favorites were of course Kim Kardashian and Cassie.  Cassie looked so Watch The Throne-like in her outfit and Kim looked angelic in Kanye x Giuseppe Zanotti $5,800 shoes.  Though Kanye is not taking his own advice in crawling before he balls, the shoes are really pretty, covered in pearls and looking like a warm sweater around the ankle.  I think he should have started with a shoe a few thousand dollars cheaper, but hey, Kanye is over the top.  Oddly enough, Jourdan Dunn slipped up and tweeted that his shoes were impossible to walk in after her fitting.  I guess Kim K. proved everyone wrong, because not only did she walk in them all night, but she also went go-karting in them after the presentation.
Here are a few of my favorite looks:
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