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Denzil Porter featuring Swerve Mitch – “The Other Side”

Denzil Porter - The Other Side (cover Art)

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“The Other Side” featuring Swerve Mitch

NEW YORK, NEW YORK JANUARY 7, 2013 – Denzil Porter rolls up his sleeves and looks “The Other Side” square in the eye on his newest track featuring WreckHouse comrade Swerve Mitch. “The Other Side” is produced by Lavish, whose previous work includes “Super Cool” for Troy Ave and production work for Bodega Bamz.

“The Other Side” evokes the gritty battle arena that transcends from the early roots of hip-hop. It draws in listeners, as Denzil Porter and Swerve Mitch spectate, head-bobbing, waiting for the next move.

“Alright now I don’t give a damn what the other side say, the other side, the other side, that’s where the other side stay. And tell the other side that the other side said, if they fuck with my side, then the other side dead”

Bar by bar, Denzil menacingly edges the other side on, standing firmly and amused while providing story snapshots of his awareness of how the other side functions. Swerve Mitch steps up and complements the track with his own unique flow, putting another spin to the concept of the “other side”.

Listen to “The Other Side” (DIRTY)

Listen to “The Other Side” (CLEAN)

“The Other Side” was featured on KsharkTV Vol. 1 available now on DatPiff – http://bit.ly/1ecn6J4

Twitter: #TheOtherSide @DenzilPorter @SwerveMitch @LouisRubiRosa


About Denzil Porter

Denzil Porter grew up in the north Bronx, NY with a passion for Hip-Hop music from a young age.  In high school Denzil Porter began freestyling and battling, starting to hone his skill.  In 2004 Denzil Porter founded WreckHouse Entertainment, which produces music out of his in-house studio and hosts parties and events.  With four mixtapes under his belt: On My Way Home,Live From The Other SideHome Made Music and newly released Porter’s Pot, Denzil Porter is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

For more information please contact Jeunesse Yvonne at JeunesseYvonne@gmail.com or 917-596-6174.  To listen to more music from Denzil Porter, get the latest news and updates and to download Porter’s Pot please visit www.DenzilPorter.com.


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